Avalanche Alpine Club Co-Operative Limited is a not for profit organisation.

Being a member will bring you closer to our ski club community and family. Many of our members have been friends prior to membership and/or develop friendships with other members, which continue for life.

We currently have 150+ members of ages ranging from 6 to 85 years of age.

We have two membership types:

  • Adult membership
  • Junior membership (<18 years of age). Junior memberships can be converted into a full membership for a small fee.

For a limited time, both Adult and Junior Avalanche Lodge memberships are available.


Avalanche membership entitles the member to the following benefits:

  • Member discount rates for accommodation
  • Member specials
  • Online accommodation booking
  • Member newsletter
  • Ability to book accommodation for non-member family, friends and associates
  • Lodge community activities
  • Be part of a small select lodge community

Memberships are held for life with small subscriptions due annually.

Comfy lounges to relax in-front of the fire after long day skiing

Comfy lounges to relax in-front of the fire after long day skiing

Dining room and bar area with views&nbsp;

Dining room and bar area with views 

Interested in becoming an Avalanche member?

If you are interested in applying for membership, please complete the membership enquiry form and we will send you all the required information. 

To become a member, you must:

1. Have stayed at the lodge. (If you haven’t stayed at Avalanche previously, we would be more than happy to organise accommodation at the lodge this season. This would allow you to enjoy the family atmosphere and experience the benefits of the lodge and its location.)

2. Gain the support of two (2) current members and have them complete their section of the application form.

3. Be interviewed by atleast one (1) board director, in person or phone call.

4. Return your completed Membership Application Form and make payment. Once your application has been processed and payment received, your application will be minuted at our monthly board meeting and you’ll receive confirmation and your membership number.

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